“Life’s too short for poor quality wine, therefore you should be part of this unique and simple wine concept.“

– Club Luxwine


Luxwine was founded by Martin Von Kjær and Torben Maj in 2016. Based on our perception of wine, and the fact that we love wine, we assessed that there was room for another ”player” on the market, which has one primary purpose. Namely to provide special quality products for a closed circle – and at wholesale prices.

We have already experienced great demand and we are delighted to see that the concepts appeals to you.

We will keep you posted on our website, but also on our Facebook page “Luxwine”. If you would like to receive the newest updates per email and receive our newsletter, then feel free to send us your contact details under “contact” here on our site – thank you very much!


When you become a member of Club Luxwine, you become part of a special community which has one main aim – to drink good wine, champagne etc.. Life is simply too short to settle for less.

The concept is in all its simplicity that you pay 500,- kr to get the opportunity to buy quality wine for wholesale prices. This means that you can often buy wine for minimum half price. Likewise we can guarantee that you have earned 12 months of your membership on the first order through your discounts. Furthermore, the membership gives you the exclusive opportunity to attend several interesting and untraditional wine tastings throughout the year – free of cost. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Club Luxwine. We will assure you that we will get many unforgettable wine experiences together.


At Luxwine we have carefully selected our collection. Nothing is left to chance. We work within six categories, which all appear on our website; redwine, whitewine, rosé, cremant, champagne and dessert wine.

We collect wines from multiple countries, so that our selection remains varied and intriguing for us all. We take pride in, visiting the various wine-and champagne castles to ensure that our selection is always the finest and our background knowledge is up to date. The selection process is interesting and exciting and we always look for inspiration to present the products for you in a unique way.

Join Club Luxwine, so that you and your surroundings can get indulged with quality!

Art International Luxembourg is a close partner for Luxwine.
If you are interested in unique Art, we highly recommend contacting, Mr. Erik Guldager.
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