Chat Yquem Sauternes 2018 · 0,375 liter

DKK 840,00

This excellent Chat Yquem Sauternes (2016) comes in 5 different sizes, between 0,375 and 6,0 Liter. Please note that the picture is just for your attention, not necessarily the size/volume of the Sauternes bottle you are looking for.

Below you will find a short description concerning the Sauternes – for more specifications, please press here.


The winter of 2016 was very mild and wet.
Spring rainfall was close to the seasonal average, except for late May and early June, when the weather was unsettled.
Average temperatures were also normal, although fluctuations between hot and cold were much greater than usual.


Later than usual bud break and a very damp period in early June delayed flowering.
However, even though flowering was somewhat disturbed, perfect floral initiation in 2015 contributed to a large potential crop.

The highly unusual drought conditions in summer might have led to excessive water stress were it not for the fact that most of Yquem’s vineyard plots have a deep clay subsoil that stores large enough reserves of winter rainwater to meet the vines’ needs.

In fact, much of the delay in the growing season up to flowering was compensated by beautiful weather in August.

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